Ten Point Golf Cart Maintenance

There are now many different golf carts used for everything except golf. Most of these vehicles however need certain preventative maintenance procedures to keep them running smoothly.

Here are the Top Ten Things to do to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Ten Points to keep Golf Cart Running Well

  1. Water Batteries-The number one reason a golf cart does not perform well is not charging the batteries and the lack of keeping the Lead Acid Flooded Deep Cycle Marine Battery‘s watered with Distilled Water.
    When watering the batteries, do not over fill the batteries. The water level should be just below the cap. There usually is a ring to fill up to. The main thing is to have the water over the plates you can see in the cell. You must fill each cell. An excellent Tool to help with this is a BATTERY FILLER . Another Great Battery Accessory for your Golf Cart is a Battery filling system.
  2. This neat little device allows single fill of all the batteries by just putting a bottle of water into one hose. It fills all the batteries quickly and with hardly any effort. Well worth the effort and cost.
    So Six Volt batteries have 3 cell ports each. You need to put water in each cell of the battery This means, if you have a 36 volt golf cart you will have Six 6 volt batteries. Two volts per cell on the battery. 48 Volt carts have either eight 6 volt batteries or Six 8 volt batteries. 72 Volt carts usually have Six 12 Volt Deep Cycle Marine Batteries
  3. Always charge the cart first and add the water afterwards if the water levels are over the plates. If the water levels are not over the plates, put enough water in to cover the plates. If you over fill the batteries, when you charge them, the battery water/acid mix will boil over and you will get batteryacid on your battery terminals and on the floor. Your batteries get nasty and last less longer.
  4. If this happens you can buy Battery Terminal Cleaner. Just spray it on and the corrosion melts away.  If you get acid on the floor Just wash it off with water and soap. If you get battery water-acid on you wash it off with water right away. Your clothes also need to be washed right away or you will get holes in them.

Battery Charging

  1. Always charge your cart everyday.Batteries last much longer if you are using the top half of the battery then over discharging the batteries everyday. Batteries do not have memories anymore so you can do partial state of charges and increase the cycles your batteries will charge. Make sure you use a Heavy Duty 15 amp charging cord.If you use a light weight extension cord, heat resistance is created and a fire could happen. Not only will you burn the cart up but we have had houses go with the cart!
  2. Always, keep your battery terminals clean. This will give you the best cart performance and efficient charge for your cart.  When charging your cart, make sure you lift the seat up to insure ventilation. Charging Flooded Batteries creates a hydrogen gas that is explosive when concentrated under the seat in a garage. You can also buy a solar panel for your golf cart that will keep a charge flowing to your batteries so they do not over discharge and go dead.
    1. Keep Tires Filled-Low Tires contribute to less range for your electric golf cart. Keep the tires filled and you will not be walking home from the 15th  hole or from the grocery store. If you use your cart mainly on streets, purchase street legal tires with tread. Balloon Turf Tires wear out sooner and do not stop well on wet roads.Tires and Rims can really jazz your vehicle up and increase its value. There are hundreds of different rims for every golf cart out there. In addition, you might want to get an electric pump to pump tires up especially for us lazy guys that want technology to do our work for us.
  3. Check Brakes-Most golf carts now travel at speeds between 20-25 mph. It is very important to insure your brakes are checked to make sure cables, hydraulic brake fluid, and shoes are in good condition. You do not want to be going down a hill and lose your brakes. Not too many golf carts have air bags.
  4. Check Lights-Most Street Legal Golf Carts and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles  have the street legal light package on them. Check turn signals, brake lights and head lights. If all your lights are not working, usually it is a 12 volt fuse that has gone out. Just check the owners manual to find out where they are. They are the same as an automobiles fuses. If you want to add a Street Legal Light Package
    to your cart-it is easily done.
  1. Rear Axle Grease-Make sure you check you rear axle differential. It has oil in it just like a car. Just take the plug out and put your finger in it and see if you draw oil. Get a Grease gun and fill it up.
  2. Mirrors-Almost all carts have side mirrors and wink mirrors on the wind shield. Check out the thumb screws to make sure they stay into place.
  3. Steering Wheel-The steering wheel rack and pinion needs greasing each year. Check out the steering yoke system to make sure all bolts are tight
  4. Gauges- State of charge meters measure charge left in you batteries. As the batteries get older, these gauges are less accurate. When you charge the cart the SOC meter sometimes resets itself to full after being on for 20 minutes. The only accurate way to check to to put a load on the cart by driving the cart a ways and see it the meter drops. You can also buy a battery load tester that will give you a reading if one of your batteries is dieing. Bear in mind, batteries are like eggs. Sometimes one is rotten and needs to be replaced sooner the the others.
  5. Battery Replacement.When it is time to replace your batteries it is best to replace all of them at the same time. If you put a new battery in with an older pack of batteries, the old batteries will reduce the life of the new battery. What happens is, the older batteries take a charge longer then the new battery and you end up over charging to new battery and destroying it. Or if you put 5 new batteries in and leave one bad one in, that one bad battery tells the charger to keep charging cause it never fully charges. In turn it kills the new batteries.

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