New & faster battery water system refill kit

This new Golf Cart Battery Watering System with Pump is designed specifically to work with your new 48 volt Club Car Onward Golf Cart. Please confirm with your salesperson your battery bank configuration prior to purchase. This kit will also work on other makes and models of golf carts with same battery configuration. If you have 6 x 8 volt batteries to equal 48 Volts this is the correct kit for your application.

Save time and money by taking care of your golf cart batteries. Basic maintenance requires you to charge and check your batteries water levels at least once a month with regular use. More frequently with increased usage. Proper water levels are required in all lead acid batteries to maintain proper performance. Most new golf cart owners don’t even know they need to check or add water to their carts batteries. Everyone I do know that knows hates to take the time to do the job. Plus it can get messy if you do not know exactly what you are doing. This is where the battery watering system comes in… a safe , effective and efficient solution to proper battery maintenance.

New golf cart battery watering system
On sale for $259.00 including Pump