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Free golf cart pick up
  • Is Summer time! So the annual maintenance on your golf cart! Take advantage of this introductory price before will be gone! Schedule a free golf cart pick up today or call Greg at 770-487-8750.
  • Do you need golf cart tires, batteries, accessories, upgrades, repairs, parts!
  • Then, Bulldog Golf Cars is the right choice. 

Your one stop for all your golf cart repairs.

At Bulldog Golf Cars, we pride ourselves at giving you the best customer service possible. 

  • This extends into our golf cart repair service. We have years of experience repairing and troubleshooting all types and makes of golf carts. As Club Car Dealers, we are also factory trained in the repair of gas and electric carts. Our service technician go through week long training courses so that he can be to date with current procedures. We also have access to troubleshooting tools from the factory that assist in keeping your repair times to a minimum.
  • Golf Cart Repair can be a daunting task. Many DIYs end up spending more time and money on unnecessary parts and labor than if they brought the cart to us from the beginning. We are very reasonably priced and in most cases, can provide you with an estimate of cart repair before any work is actually done. If you cannot get your golf cart to us for repair, we can come to you. Give us a call today for all of your golf cart repair needs.

As of thank you for all your support and business, we now offer free monthly maintenance.

Now we offer free maintenance of your golf cart batteries every 1st Saturday of each month in Peachtree City

Actual google review:

  • Friendly and reliable. They helped me get the batteries for my golf cart I needed and even helped walked me through installation of them via text message!

Actual Google review:

  • Highly recommended, top notch customer service and very knowledgeable! We had several problems with another golf cart repair shop in the area, and Bulldog Supply was able to fix a brake problem on the spot with no appointment needed... I highly appreciated the fact they took me back into the shop to show me the root cause while quickly installing the necessary parts to get us back on the road safely. We also got the upgraded speed code which allows us to max out at 19mph - Bulldog is the only company in the area that can do this as they are an authorized Club Car dealer. Keep up the great work, Bulldog is our new go-to shop from here on out!
We install golf cart enclosures
Bulldog Supply Enclosures-Deluxe-4P
We install golf cart suspensions
golf cart leaf and suspensions
We install golf cart brake pads & rotors
Bulldog golf carts servicing brakes and drums
We repair, sell new & used golf cart chargers
We repair golf cart chargers
  • What we do on our golf cart checklist!

All Golf Carts

  • Inspect front hub assembly on your golf cart
  • Grease front suspension fittings
  • Lubricate F & R contacts on your golf cart
  • Check fluid level in rear differential servo on your golf cart
  • Lubricate charger socket on your golf cart
  • Lubricate accelerator pedal group on your golf cart
  • Lubricate key switch on your golf cart
  • Clean battery tops and terminals on your golf cart
  • Torque all connections to 95 inch lbl on your golf cart
  • Apply battery terminal protector on your golf cart
  • Batteries - Fill to proper level on your golf cart
  • Air in tires on your golf cart
  • Clean and adjust brakes on your golf cart
  • Inspect brake cable operation on your golf cart
We install new & used golf cart motors
Golf cart motor repair and swap
We install new & used golf cart tops
Price varies depending on golf cart model, length, etc. Pls call
We install, sell new and used golf cart wheels & tires
Bulldog Golf Carts - Tires on sale standard size
We install and sell golf cart accessories
Golf cart Accessory Panel
 Actual google review
  • Best place to get your golf carts. They will also work on the ones you have. Very nice people that works there. Drop by you will not regret it.

How to maintain your golf cart batteries

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Bulldog Golf Carts Trojan Batteries on sale in Peachtree City

What golf cart tires & wheels do I need?

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Bulldog Golf Carts stocks and sells Tires of standard size in Peachtree City
Tires & Wheels Installations

What a golf cart controller do?????????

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Bulldog golf carts can replace or repair golf cart Controllers in Peachtree City
We rebuild Controllers

Over the website 03-19-2019

We picked up our 2019 Club Cart golf cart yesterday at the Huddleston location. We purchased it a few months ago and were very happy with our new golf cart. One of our son’s friends rolled our golf cart and did extensive damage to the canopy, struts, windshield, mirror, rear seat handle and scratches to front cowl. We were happy no one was hurt but were understandably upset with the aforementioned damages to our brand new golf cart. We took it in and Greg was very thorough in the assessment, cost and time involved in the repair. He even gave us two options for the repair work which was to try to buff out the scratches on the cowl vs replacing it. Since the young man was paying we opted not to replace the cowl. We picked up our golf cart yesterday and couldn’t be more pleased!

Everything looked fantastic and they did an amazing job buffing the scratches out. It looked like a brand new golf cart…spit shined and polished. We appreciate the professionalism and workmanship from the repair shop and front office And we really appreciate Greg giving us options/suggestions on the bill. We will continue to be satisfied and loyal customers of Bulldog Supply.