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Your one stop for all your golf cart repairs.

At Bulldog Golf Cars, we pride ourselves at giving you the best customer service possible. 

This extends into our golf cart repair service.

We have years of experience repairing and troubleshooting all types and makes of golf carts. As Club Car Dealers, we are also factory trained in the repair of gas and electric golf carts. Our service technician go through week long training courses so that he can be up to date with current procedures. We also have access to troubleshooting tools from the factory that assist in keeping your repair times to a minimum.

Golf Cart Repair can be a daunting task. Many DIYs end up spending more time and money on unnecessary parts and labor than if they brought the cart to us from the beginning. We are very reasonably priced and in most cases, can provide you with an estimate of cart repair before any work is actually done. If you cannot get your golf cart to us for repair, we can come to you. Give us a call or use the FREE PICK-UP form to schedule a service or repair on your golf cart.

Bulldog Supply Enclosures-Deluxe-4P

We install golf cart Enclosures

Golf Cart Annual services

We perform golf cart Annual Services

Bulldog Golf Carts Trojan Batteries on sale

We install golf cart Batteries

golf cart leaf and suspensions

We install golf cart suspensions

Bulldog golf carts servicing brakes and drums

We install Brake drums and pads

Bulldog Golf Carts-new ERIC battery charger picture page 1

We sell install and repair golf cart Chargers

We install and repair golf cart Motors

We fix and repair any golf cart mechanical issues

We work on golf cart engines

We install golf cart Tops

Bulldog Golf Carts - Tires on sale standard size

We install golf cart tires and wheels

Golf cart Accessory Panel

We install golf cart accessories

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