ERIC New Battery Charger for Golf Carts

E.R.I.C - new battery charger

With cutting-edge features and functionality built into a smaller, lighter and infinitely smarter design, E.R.I.C. will have an immediate impact on your operation. Workflow and efficiencies will increase on day one as you see minimized user error and lowered operating costs.
Club Car’s new lightweight electrical charging system is designed around an intelligent, long-term storage algorithm that continuously monitors changes in voltage and charges the golf car’s batteries when needed.
Bottom line? Golf cars are ready to hit the course when you need them.

That cart barn kid who thought all the cars were charging properly? Now he’ll know for sure. E.R.I.C. is keeping an eye on him and his work.
It’s a cart barn, not a warehouse for fine crystal.

Accidents happen. E.R.I.C. is constructed to handle whatever your staff and nature can dish out … day-in, day-out, without fail.
E.R.I.C. is adaptable, updatable and stores data. With more and better information, you
have complete control over your operation and that leads to successful business decisions.
• Up to 91% efficiency
• 7.5 max AC amperage means two chargers can operate on one 20-amp circuit if needed*
• Status lights indicate
AC power (you’re connected and charging), stages of charge and errors

  • The car provides audible and visual notifications indicating charging has begun
  • Charger functions through voltage sags; brownouts no longer hamper charging
    • Beefed-up, sealed aluminum housing wards off sand, salt, dust, water
    • External connections for AC and DC cords prevent damage to internal charger components when charger cords are snagged in the cart barn; cords are easily replaced if damaged
  • Lightweight for easy mobility and mounting
    • Two-way communication via USB port
    • Upload system updates so E.R.I.C. always runs on the latest advances
    • Download charger data or status/condition monitoring by authorized Club Car technicians